Math Word Problems

Math is one subject that students find tough to understand. The difficult problems, endless practice questions and equations certainly don't make it easy. However, learning math can be made fun and less stressful if students are allowed to learn at their own pace. Online study is a great way for students who need a lot of extra help in the subject as they can learn. Students in all grades can find math help for free online. Math word problems are remarkably simple once you have got used to the language. Word problems are based on child's ability and eagerness. Math word problems helps to solve various type of word problems. 

Word problems are the expression of mathematical functions in word.

Maths Word Problems

Math Word problems offers students a simple and powerful approach to understanding and solving word problems. The first step to solving word problems is to read and understand what information the question holds. Online tutoring follows the principle of learning when you want to learn.

Free Math Word Problems

Free math word Problems require reading, comprehension and math skills so a child who is good at basic math equations may struggle more than you would expect when faced with math word problems. To solve word problems firstly understand the problem carefully and convert word problem into a algebraic expression.

Steps for Solving Word Problems:

Step 1: Read the problem carefully and understand the goal.

Step 2: Select a strategy to solve the problem.

Step 3: Perform the operations and get the solution.

Solved Examples

Question 1: In your class, only 20 of the 50 students are boys. How many girls are in your class.

Total number of students = 50

Number of boys = 20

=> Number of girls = Total number of students - Number of boys

=> Number of girls = 50 - 20 = 30

=> There are 30 girls.

Question 2: Sazy have 25 Christmas gifts. 10 she got from her family, the rest from her friends. How many gifts did her friends give her.
Total number of gifts Sazy have = 25

Number of gifts she got from her family = 10

Let number of gifts given by her friends = x

According to statement:

=> Number of gifts did her friends give her =  Total number of gifts Sazy have -  Number of gifts she got from her family

=> Number of gifts did her friends give her = 25 - 10 = 15

=> Sazy's friends gave her 15 gifts.


Question 3: Hary, Smith, Jan, Gazia and Fraha each have fifteen chocolates. How many chocolates do they have in all?

Total number of chocolates = 15

Number of children = 5

=> Number of chocolates they have = Total number of chocolates * Number of children

= 15 * 5

= 75

=> They have 75 chocolates.

Question 4: Twice Stefen's age plus five is Maria's age. Maria is 21 years old. Find Stefen's age.

Let Stefen's age = x years

Age of Maria = 21 years

The statement states that:

Twice Stefen's age plus five is Maria's age

=> 2x + 5 = 21

Solve for x,

Subtract 5 from both sides of the equation

=> 2x + 5 - 5 = 21 - 5

=> 2x = 16

divide each side by 2

=> $\frac{2x}{2} = \frac{16}{2}$

=> x = 8

=> Stefen is of 8 years.